Month: September 2023

If you have overheard the statement that a metal business card virtually lasts forever and you’ve been confused ever since then you have opened the right link because in this article we are about to discuss the reason why people say so and why metal cards are considered as the most durable of options, metal business and credit cards have been around for a while now but only in 2018 it started to gain popularity and its demand increased, nobody knows who started the first metal business card but as far as metal credit cards are concerned, it is a well-known fact that American Express first launched its titanium black express credit card in 1999 for its premium clients and even though metal card pricing was higher than expected and very different from all the other options on the table, people were willing to pay that premium.

Metal Card Pricing
There is no science to the reason why metal cards are so durable and are considered as the ones which last the longest, the secret is the material itself, the use of platinum, silver and stainless steel is what it so sturdy and tough, it can withstand physical damage and if the finishing is done right the polish and shine will stay intact for the longest of times.

There is no clear winner among the metal options, those who are experts at making it know what sort of material should be used depending on the weight of the card, a paper business card can weigh around 6gms while a metal business card is four to five times heavier and the average weight is around 28 to 30 gm which makes it tougher and heavier, so you can use it without the fear of damaging it.

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